Manifestos of DAOSquare community

Structure of DAOSquare community


Every community should have its purpose and goals. For the DAOSquare community, the community is a place to bring together talent and support innovation, and the goal is to build a community-based innovation base. This is an important component of the DAOSquare incubator (other components include VentureDAO, incubator technology infrastructure, etc.).

  • For entrepreneurs, they can find like-minded people here to start their first steps in business.
  • For talented people, they can gather here to support entrepreneurs or create value together.
  • For those who share common interests in certain fields, they can find interesting friends here to explore and share together.
  • For everyone, they can be angel investors in those great projects, supporting them to grow and reap value from them.
  • Interestor. Only announcements can be viewed for public information about DAOSquare.
  • Community Member. Have community rights and interests, including participation in investments, all community guilds, community events, community benefits, etc.
  • Cafeteria. Participate in DAOSquare community governance.
  • Matrix. Participate in building DAOSquare as a full-time person.


You can click here for a description of the specific benefits of each role. The following is a brief description.



  • Opportunities of investment.
  • X to earn. Include RadioParty, Growing rewards, etc.
  • Community benefits. Include Red Packet.
  • Submit and discuss the community proposals.
  • 30 $RICE staked in DKP2 pool
  • 0 DKP1 to burn
  • 10 DKP2 to burn
  • 3 DKP3 to burn



  • Full access rights of Passport.
  • Be a Cafeteria member to participate in the governance of DAOSquare community.
  • Submit and discuss the community proposals.
  • Host CafeCall for community governance.
  • Submit and vote on the community governance on Snapshot.
  • 2000 $RICE staked in DKP2 pool
  • 10 DKP1 to burn
  • 50 DKP2 to burn
  • 5 DKP3 to burn



  • Be a Passport member.
  • Had an experience of working in Guild.
  • Pass the Matrix interview.
  • Pass the 3 months internship.


DKP is an open community contribution Protocol. Anyone can contribute to DAOSquare and get benefits (join private investment) and rights(DAOSquare governance) through DKP.

  • Quizzes in Music Radio Party (every 10 pm UTC+8 Saturday)
  • Quizzes in Family Call (8 pm UTC+8 biweekly)
  • Quizzes in Community Call (8 pm UTC+8 biweekly)
  • Self-driven contribution, such as:
  • Answer questions from community members
  • Submit constructive proposals
  • Create content
  • Translation content
  • Create guides
  • Create meme
  • Create stickers
  • Create video, map, photo
  • Create analysis
  • Join Devil Guild to build projects
  • Every other effort for DAOSquare in your mind can help DAOSquare grow.

Framework of DAOSquare community governance

The goal of DAOSquare is to eventually achieve full community-based governance, including the evolution of the infrastructure, the operation of VentureDAO, and the operation of the community. However, it requires a gradual process that relies primarily on the maturation of two conditions.

  • The system enters a healthy self-running state. Whether it’s the evolution of the infrastructure or the operation of VentureDAO, until it gets into a healthy self-running state, the effective and robust way to do this is to leave the build tasks to the experts. Once it gets into a healthy operational state, the community is better able to govern the product and mechanism based on real consensus, which is what most successful projects do, such as Gitcoin, ENS, Uniswap, and others.
  • Self-governance and automation of communities complete the break-in period. Before we can fully implement community-based governance, we need to gradually build community mechanisms and practice them a lot, which we call the break-in period.
  • Give counsel suggest and contribute to the construction of DAOSquare together
  • Practicing community-based governance and accumulating experience in community governance
  • Category 1: Voting results must be implemented
  • Category 2: Expressing suggestions to Matrix

Governance Scope

Category I: Voting results must be implemented, including

  • Upgrading of community identity mechanism, including modifications, additions, and deletions
  • Upgrading of community operation mechanism, including modifications, additions, and deletions
  • Upgrading of community activities, including modifications, additions, and deletions
  • Community publicity and promotion suggestions
  • Management of community guild, including initiation, affairs management, personnel management
  • Management of community funds, including grant using and fundraising
  • Management of community products, including forums, Snapshot voting space
  • Upgrading of community reward mechanism, including modification, addition, and deletion
  • Upgrading of community governance mechanisms and processes, including modifications, additions, and deletions
  • Upgrading of governance scope, including modifications, additions, and deletions
  • ​​Product Optimization Suggestions
  • Product Functionality Suggestions
  • Product mechanism suggestions

Proposal Workflow

This governance process applies to the “Voting results must be implemented” section.

Step1: Submit a proposal in forum

  • Everyone can submit a DCP in DAOSquare forum (Governance — DAOSquare 1).
  • Share your proposal in Discord #TownHall channel and @Cafeteria.
  • 3 days of discussion for a proposal and then it will be put into the queue for the next step.

Step2: Meetings organized by Cafeteria

  • Cafeteria organizes one or more calls to discuss the proposals in 3days when the proposal is into the execution period.
  • The meeting call is in #CafeCall channel in Discord, and it’s open for all community members.
  • If there are modifications suggestions after the calls, Cafeteria can suggest applicants modify it and re-submit. If not, will be in the queue for the next step.

Step3: Vote on proposal on-chain

  • Cafeteria submits the proposal on Snapshot.
  • Members who hold the Cafeteria NFT can vote on the proposal.
  • The voting period is 2 days.

Step4: Bulletin in community

  • When the voting is done, Cafeteria needs to note results in proposals on the forum via a comment.
  • Matrix posts the announcement on Discord and Twitter.


There are some norms for the governance flow.

Proposal title

The standard format of the proposal title is DCP#(number)[space]your title. For example:

Proposal format

We prepared a template in the forum, you can see it when you click the New topic, so just focus on your proposal!

Meeting announce

Cafeteria needs to announce the meeting info, including,

  • Meeting time
  • Topic
  • Proposal link

Meeting record

Cafeteria needs to record the meeting call, including,

  • Video
  • Text

Modification suggestion

If there are modifications suggestions after the calls, Cafeteria needs to post a modification suggestion in the proposal via comment.

Snapshot proposal format

  • Title
  • Description
  • Proposal Link

Voting rules

  • No minimum participation limit
  • YES > NO will be passed

Support & Against

Every community member can support or against a proposal in the discussion period and meeting for the proposal. You can,

  • Post comments in the proposal on the forum.
  • Apply speech in the meeting.


  • Proposals whose format does not meet the specifications will not be accepted.
  • If the applicant does not appear at the meeting, the proposal fails.
  • If the applicant agrees to modify the proposal but did not finish within the expiration date, the proposal fails.
  • NO >/= YES in on-chain voting, the proposal fails.



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