Community Newcomers Guide

3 min readMar 18, 2022


What is DAOSquare

DAOSquare was born in MetaCartel, a famous Western DAO community, inspired by the ideas of MetaCartel and Moloch, and has grown to be the most influential DAO in China and the entire Chinese-speaking region.

What DAOSquare does

DAOSquare is an incubator for the Web3 era. Our goal is to build the Y-Combinator of the Web3.0 era, and some community members claim that DAOSquare will become the A16Z of DAO, and that seems to hold true!

DAOSquare’s Vision

Helping the innovators of this era succeed. Helping every builder become an angel investor.

How to buy RICE

$RICE is a DAOSquare governance token with a total issue of 100,000,000 and an initial circulation of 2,500,000.

The ways you can buy RICE are as follows:

- Uniswap (mainnet)

- Swapr (GnosisChain)


[Ethereum Mainnet]




How can I join the community?

  1. You need to mint a Passport or Cafeteria role NFT on and then verify your identity in the Discord channel.
  2. How to check the identity:

— Access to DAOSquare’s Discord channel.

— Type the command “!check” in the public channel and wait for the Bot check.

— If you hold the corresponding role NFT, the corresponding role symbol will appear behind your username and unlock the community channel.

What are Passport and Cafeteria?

  1. Passport is the basic community role, holding the passport NFT to be called a community member, with community rights and benefits, including participation in investments, all community guilds, community events, and community benefits.
  2. Cafeteria is a role with community governance authority.
  3. NFTs for different roles are automatically assigned and updated with membership benefits, and anyone can earn the corresponding role NFTs without permission by contributing on their own.

Passport and Cafeteria access

  1. You need to have the appropriate amount of $RICE and DKP and log in to to mint the appropriate character NFT.
  2. Passport requirement:
    30 $RICE staked in DKP2 pool;
    0 DKP1 to burn;
    10 DKP2 to burn;
    3 DKP3 to burn;
  3. Cafeteria requirement:
    2000 $RICE staked in DKP2 pool;
    10 DKP1 to burn;
    50 DKP2 to burn;
    5 DKP3 to burn;
  4. The steps are:

— Jump to

— Log in and connect the Metamask wallet and select the GnosisChain network.

— Click on “STAKE” in DKP2 in the Task list.

— Enter the number of staking and click on “STAKE”.

— Find the “DAOSquare Passport” NFT in the list of Redeem Trophies and click on “MINT”;

How to earn DKP

  1. DKP is a community contribution agreement. Anyone can get the corresponding rights and interests (including benefits and governance rights) of the community by contributing.

Community Events

You can view the daily events including start and time in Discord’s events channel. The daily events are as follows.

Music Radio&Quiz

You can join the party every Saturday night at 10 pm (UTC+8) on Discord’s DAOSquare Radio channel and win DKP3 and DKP4 by participating in a quiz on the voice-chat channel.

Community Call

You can join the Community Call on Sundays at 8 pm (UTC+8) (bi-weekly) on Discord community call channel and win DKP3, DKP4 by participating in quality questions and quizzes on the voice-chat channel.

Family Call

You can join the Family Call on Sundays at 8 pm(UTC+8)(bi-weekly) on Discord and win DKP3, DKP4 by participating in quality questions and quizzes on the voice-chat channel.

Community Knowledge Sharing

  1. You can share any interesting and valuable knowledge or information in Channel💡│news 🤯│thought 🐸│meme 🎸│music 🍡│projects 📙│reading 🍿│movie 🎙️│podcast.
  2. Each week the community selects community members who share quality content to receive DKP4 rewards.

Other Self-driven Contribution

  • Answer questions from community members
  • Actively participate in discussions
  • Submit constructive proposals
  • Participate in Cafeteria governance
  • Maintain order in the community
  • Create DAOSquare related articles, translations, analysis reports, videos, guides, drawings, memes, etc.
  • Join Devil Guild to build projects
  • Every other effort for DAOSquare in your mind can help DAOSquare grow.