Claim DAOSqaure CCO Badge Now!

2 min readJul 29, 2021


DAOSquare CCO Badge (POAP) is NOW live for claiming!

All participants who comply with the rules (including those whose proposals have not been sponsored, i.e. unsuccessful users) can CLAIM the DAOSquare CCO POAP badge. Thanks for your continuous support to DAOSquare!


1. Visit:

2. Connect the wallet with the address that you have participated in the CCO.

3.Look up the address and check whether it is eligible.

4. Claim POAP Token, and then the POAP will be sent to your address automatically, you will find it on xDai Chain.

5. Once completing the claim, you can visit to view the POAP

However, if you have not violated the CCO rules but are not eligible to claim the POAP, please feel free to contact us at DAOSquare Discord #bagde channel.

In addition, DKP, an important component of DAOSquare Incubator, will be available for open beta very soon, so stay tuned to for more details.

About DAOSquare

Born in the well-known West Ethereum community MetaCartel, DAOSquare is dedicated to building a Web3 incubator which aims to be the Y·Combinator in the Web3 era.